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Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan Film Bodies Team for Incubator Lab in Busan

The National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS) has partnered with the Singapore Film Commission (SFC), the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) for the inaugural Malaysian Development Lab for Fiction Feature Films (mylab).An incubator program for xscriptwriters, directors, producers to work on developing xscripts and film projects under lectures and the guidance of regional and international experts in xscriptwriting, directing, producing, distribution, and markets and festivals, mylab focuses on projects at an early stage of development, with a team of xscriptwriter, director and/or producer attached, targeted at regional or international audiences. It aims for each project to deliver a package of xscript, budget, financing plan, dossier and pitchready materials at the end of the program.The partnership with SFC and FDCP enables a film project in development from each country to participate in the third session of mylab, which will take place at Busan, alongside the Asian Contents & Film Market and theBusan International Film Festival. This will be the first inperson session of mylab following online sessions in June and August this year. The Korean Film Council will also support mylab with a reception in Busan and connect participants with the Korean film industry.Awards for the program include the FINAS mylab Award of $5000 towards further development for a project selected by an independent jury comprising Christian Jeune (Cannes Film Festival), Nashen Moodley (Sydney Film Festival) and producer Oh Jungwan of B.O.M. Film Productions Co. (“A Tale of Two Sisters”) during the final session in Busan. The TAICCA Development Award includes $5000 towards the development of the project and the invitation of the project participants to attend Taiwan Creative Content Fest to pitch the project in Taiwan in 2023.FINAS CEO Prof. Dr. Md Nasir Ibrahim said: “Whilst it is the first, with program curator Lorna Tee, mylab manages to attract collaborations from numerous countries in the region. This is considered monumental for FINAS to be able to work together with the various film organisations, not to mention the wide array of mentors, group leaders, xscript doctors, jurors and directing mentors from across the world with stellar profiles.”Tirso Cruz III, chair and CEO of FDCP, said: “Now, more than ever, collaboration is crucial to any artistic and cultural undertaking that affects the entire cinema industry. In the Philippines, and in Southeast Asia, development of a piece of cinema from the germ of a story into a fullblown and realizeable screenplay is a now a prioritized step that we want to build our films on. Many of our homegrown projects and talents who’ve emerged from the film labs have reaped local and international recognition and support, that is why we know the labs really work. FDCP now partners with FINAS for the debut run of mylab to further this progress and strengthen our ties with our neighbours towards a regional culture of unique storytelling and artistic excellence.”Izero Lee, CEO of TAICCA, said: “The connection of international coproduction between Southeast Asia and Taiwan has been tightened through the collaboration with mylab. For Taiwanese production teams and the whole industry, this collaboration creates more opportunities to partner with talents in Southeast Asia. We look forward to join hands with professionals around the world.”Lorna Tee, curator and founder of mylab, added: “East and South East Asia are very important territories for Malaysian filmmakers to collaborate with and partnering with SFC, FDCP and TAICCA is a crucial step to expand the outreach of mylab and build stronger ties within the industries in the region.”mylab 2022 Projects and Participants“Absolute” (“Mutlak”) (Malaysia)Directors : Effendee Mazlan, Fariza Azlina IsahakScriptwriter : Fariza Azlina IsahakProducer : Effendee Mazlan“Life I Stole” (“Hidup Aku Curi”) (Malaysia)Director : Putri Purnama SuguaScriptwriter : Putri Purnama SuguaProducer : Tan Cher Kian“The Depth of Darkness” (“Kaali”) (Malaysia)Director : Gogularaajan RajendranScriptwriter : Gogularaajan RajendranProducer : Kumanavannan Rajendran“Maybe Today, If Not Today, Maybe Tomorrow” (Malaysia)Director : Lim Han LoongScriptwriter : Lim Han LoongProducer : Chua Jing Xuan“Very Very Important Funeral” (Malaysia)Director : Lim Kean HianScriptwriter : Lim Kean HianProducer : Omar Yunus“Under Foreign Skies” (Malaysia)Director : Anwar Johari HoScriptwriter : Anwar Johari HoProducer : Eleanor Teh“Mother Maybe” (“Inahing Baka”) (The Philippines)Director : Sonny CalventoScriptwriter : Arden Rod Condez, Sonny CalventoProducer : Sheron Dayoc“Unmother” (Singapore)Director : Jen Nee LimScriptwriter : Jen Nee LimProducer : Ke Ning LeeByNaman Ramachandran,Patrick FraterVARIETY Sep 15, 2022 Picture by mylab



Tokyo film festival to open with ‘Fragments Of The Last Will’, close with ‘Living’

Takahisa Zeze’s Japanese prisoner of war dramaFragments Of The Last Willis set to world premiere as the opening film of the Tokyo International Film Festival, which runs October 24 to November 2.The festival will close with Oliver Hermanus’s UK dramaLiving, starring Bill Nighy, an adaptation of Akira Kurosawa’s 1952 Japanese dramaIkiruwith a revised screenplay by Kazuo Ishiguro, whose credits includeRemains Of The DayandNever Let Me Go.Fragments Of The Last Willis based on the true story of Hatao Yamamoto, a Japanese prisoner of war detained in a postSecond World War Siberian gulag. Yamamoto believed that he would be able to reunite with his wife and children in Japan and fought to keep hope alive for his fellow POWs.The cast is led by Kazunari Ninomiya and also includes Keiko Kitagawa, Tori Matsuzaka, Kento Nakajima, Akira Terao, Kenta Kiritani and Ken Yasuda. It is set to receive a release in Japan on December 9 through Toho.Shozo Ichiyama, TIFF programming director, said the film “exceeds the scale of ordinary Japanese films and I found the story profoundly moving.”Originally a director of ‘pinku’ films (softcore pornography) in the 1990s, Zeze has tackled a wide range of genres including scifi action titleStrayer’s Chronicleand twopart suspense mystery64. His dramaHeaven’s Storywon the Fipresci prize at the Berlinale in 2011 whileThe Lowlifeexplored the lives of three women working in Japan’s porn industry and played in Competition at Tokyo in 2017.Livingwill receive its Japanese premiere at the festival and stars Nighy as a civil servant in 1950s London who sets out to find the meaning of life after he learns he has a terminal illness.Produced by the UK’s Number 9 Films, it premiered at Sundance in January and has since been selected for Venice, Toronto, San Sebastian, Telluride, London and Zurich film festivals. Toho will release in Japan in spring 2023. Sony Pictures Classics has US and various other territory rights, and plans a Stateside release on December 23.TIFF is planning to host itsfirst fullscale festival since the Covid19 outbreak.Last year’s edition took place inperson but hosted only a small number of international visitors due to strict Covid regulations.TIFFCOM, the content market that runs alongside Tokyo International Film Festival, will take place as an onlineonly event for the third consecutive year from October 2527.BYMICHAEL ROSSER12 SEPTEMBER 2022 scREENDAILY PICTURE BY (C) 2022


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