About Us

Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet) is a network of film commissions and professional film support agencies in Asia and AFCNet has become Asia’s largest non-profit international film-related organization with 55 members from 19 countries(as of 2021). As international co-production and overseas location shooting became popular, AFCNet was launched to facilitate information sharing in regards to filming locations, regulations, incentives and clearance requirements in Asia and to support member organizations’ efficient interactions with foreign production companies and/or related industry-supporting agencies. AFCNet priorities are to promote the steady and sustainable growth of regional film industry and to contribute local economies through improved systems and infrastructure.

What We Do

Overseas Promotion

Promoting the brand of AFCNet / Remote or on-site promotion on AFCNet booth at key markets such as Hong Kong Filmart, Asia Contents & Film Market, Asia Location Market, American Film Market, AFCI Locations Show, London FOCUS etc.

AFCNet Events

- AFCNet General Assembly (every October)
- AFCNet Board Meeting (2-3 per year)
- AFCNet Networking Hour (every October)
- AFCNet Producer of the Year Award Ceremony (every October)

Asia Location Market

Asia Location Market Asia Location Market(formerly Link of Cine-Asia) dedicates Asian locations and film industry in its region. It is a perfect place to expand film businesses and build industry network in Asian region. Asia Location Market also explores the possibilities between the location and tourism industry. Asia Location Market is co-hosted and organized by the Busan Film Commission and AFCNet. Asia Location Market holds during the Busan International Film Festival with the co-work of the Asian Content & Film Market(formerly Asian Film Market) in October.

ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator (FLY)

FLY is basically a short-filmmaking workshop where aspiring filmmakers from the 10 Southeast Asian countries and South Korea can gather together for one goal, Launched in 2012, FLY is an annual ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Project funded by ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund. Regularly organized by the Busan Film Commission(BFC) and the Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet), film industry supporting agencies in ASEAN member nations take turns each year to co-organize the event in their region.

Board of Directors

  • President Busan Film Commission Republic of Korea
  • Vice-President Taipei Film Commisson Taiwan
  • Vice-President Ministry of Communications & Multimedia(FINAS) Malaysia
  • Board Film Development Council of the Philippines Philippines
  • Board Cambodia Film Commission Cambodia
  • Board Primorye Film Commission Russia
  • Board Royal Film Commission of Jordan Jordan
  • Board Icefall Productions Nepal

Join AFCNet

To Join AFCNet, Please download the form below and Submit a written application to AFCNet secretariat via email.


Click the link below to download AFCNet.org rate card or Get in touch with AFCNet secretariat who will tailor a package for your specific needs.