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Gangwon Film Commission


Hyungjin OH, Senior Manager of Visual Industry Team

Tel +82-33-240-1375
About Us

Gangwon-do, with a population of 1,560,000, is located in the east region of the Korean Peninsula. It consists of one major mountain range, Taebaek, and a few other minor mountain ranges. The eastern border of Gangwon-do faces the coastline, the western border faces the capital of Korea, Seoul, and the southern border is linked to other regions. As the demilitarized zone crosses the northern border, Gangwon-do is split between North and South Korea. GWFC started as a visual supporting team of Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation in 2011 and officially launched as Gangwon Film Commission on March 2017. GWFC is supporting visual production including film&TV to attract visual industry in Gangwon-do and to enhance local resident’s cultural enjoyment.

Location Scouting Support
  • Eligibility: Any domestic/overseas visual productions including film, drama, commercial film, music video, planning to shoot and scout film locations throughout in Gangwon-do and have completed the ‘Location Scouting and Filming Support’ application via
  • Support: Provide information of locations via Gangwon Location DB( and customized information via location scouting and production analysis

Production Support Business(Gangwon Location Incentive)
  • Eligibility: Any domestic/overseas drama or feature film which is filmed in Gangwon-do
  • Support: In kind support for expenditure on Gangwon shooting
    (Accommodation, Food, Fuel expenses, etc.)

※ The acceptance will be decided according to the result of review
※ The Amount of support is subject to change
※ KOFIC(Korean Film Council) : Up to 25% Cash Rebate