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Canada Vancouver Film Commission


David Shepheard, Director, Vancouver Film Commission

Tel +1-604-336-8030
About Us

Vancouver is the third largest Film & TV production center in North America. Its world-renowned crews, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and stable tax and geopolitical climate collectively ensure Vancouver is a trusted global production center. The Film Commission is the first point of contact for incoming inquiries related to filming or co-productions in Vancouver.
As part of the Vancouver Film Commission’s longterm plan for growing the innovation and sustainability of the industry, the Film Commissioner works on long-term initiatives to encourage local IP creation by supporting Vancouver’s enthusiastic and tight-knit community of independent filmmakers, and to expedite the greening of sets by working in conjunction with business leaders and vendors in Vancouver’s green economy.
The Vancouver Film Commission (VFC) and the Film & Media Centre (FMC) work together to deliver on three core mandates: marketing of Vancouver and all its attributes to strengthen its position as a global leader in the industry; to advocate to all levels of government on key issues related to growing the industry; and to attract future investment to the entire spectrum of companies that constitute Vancouver’s Film & TV industry. They do this by building upon the necessary four pillars of investment, promotion, advocacy and talent.