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Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network (KFCIN)


(DMC Digital Media City, A301) 330 Sangam-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea 03920

Tel +82-2-3153-7516 & +82-2-3153-7518
About Us
The Korea Film Commission & Industry Network is the national body representing all 12 Korean film commissions covering almost all of Korea. With the goal of inspiring regional and national economic growth by attracting domestic and international film productions, providing production-related support and exposing local attractions through audiovisual products, and encouraging a well-balanced development of a national-scale film and audiovisual industry through rigorous regional exchange, the Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network has made multilateral efforts to create a brand name for the domestic audio-visual industry. In doing so, KFCIN assists audio-visual human resources to be efficiently recruited with the help of location and audio-visual industry-related information database, thus connects various elements and fields spanning the regional and national, industry and public organizations, and film and broadcasting, attracting productions to existing shooting locations and promoting exchange in human resources and technology in addition to simply encouraging tourism. From 2015, the network expanded its operations to marketing Korea as a filming location internationally and acting as the major inbound contact point representing all regional film commissions.
What KFCIN does
  • Provide first-hand information on how to film in Korea, available incentives, locations, filming permits etc.
  • Inbound gateway: connect to the local film industry, from location coordinators and line producers to production service companies
  • Act as interface between the regional film commissions and the international film team in the initial location scouting stage
  • Support location scouting and research for projects set in Korea
  • Operate annual Korea Location Famtours for international location managers, executives and other film professionals

The film commission members of The Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network are as follows:
  • Seoul Film Commission(SFC)
  • Gyeonggi Film Commission(GGFC)
  • Cheongpung Film Commission(CFC)
  • Chungnam Film Commission(CNFC)
  • Jeonju Film Commission(JJFC)
  • Jeonnam Film Commission(JNFC)
  • Incheon Film Commission(IFC)
  • Gangwon Film Commission(GWFC)
  • Cheongju Film Commission(CFCM)
  • Daejeon Film Commission(DFC)
  • Busan Film Commission(BFC)
  • Jeju Film Commission(JEJUFC)

  • KOFIC(Korean Film Council) : Up to 25% Cash Rebate