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Film Development Center


Jalan Jenderal Sudirman Senayan Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

Tel +62 21 5746121
About Us

The government of Indonesia believed that film are considered as cultural asset and national identity, which plays an important role of promoting Indonesia internationally. Moreover, through Act no. 39 in 2009 which stated that film industry should be under the Ministry of Education and Culture, which is why the Minister of Education and Culture established the Film Development Centre that govern all aspect of film, from filmmaking until film appreciation and commercialization of films.
Film Development Centre has 1 vision and 2 missions:

to be the leading sector for the Indonesian Films development.

  • To be the coordinator for the policy-making in film in order to create healthy and competitive film industry environment.
  • To be the main facilitator in improving Indonesian films’ qualities, competency, productivities, contributions, and participations of the stake holders and the users of Indonesian films. In order to do its job properly and to achieve the vision and missions stated before, Film Development Centre consists of 2 sectors and 1

division, which are:
  • Administrative Division
  • Sector of Film Permit and Control
  • Sector of Film Appreciation

Film Development Centre’s program consists of:
  • Technical Policies in film development
  • Filming Permit
  • Filming Control
  • Film Appreciation
  • Film Archiving
  • Competency improvement in film industry
  • Facilitation for film development