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Cambodia Film Office


#70, Street 200, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Tel +855-(0)23-215-469
About Us
The Kingdom of Cambodia is a national rich in traditions, archaeological treasure and cultural beauties. During the glory of the Great Angkor Period, Cambodia was located in southern part of Indochina. Nowadays, amongst the ten countries of ASEAN, Cambodia is the eight biggest with a surface of 181.035 sq.kilometers. Its population in ranked seventh with 14 million inhabitants. Cambodia is centrally located in the region, which make it very accessible: it share its western border with Thailand, its northern one with Laos, its eastern on with Vietnam and southern part of the country opens on the Gulf of Siam.
The Cambodia Film Office can handle everything concerning to the shooting as a first point of contact for preparing a shoot in Cambodia. Moreover, it can help you to find a coordinator who could organize all the procedures and all the research.

General Information on shooting permits
  • The first document you must be provided with before shooting in Cambodia is a SHOOTING PERMIT from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. It can be obtained via the Cambodia Film Office, Cinema and Cultural Diffusion Department. However, this permit, according to the kind of shooting and the place of shooting, can sometimes turn out to be insufficient. The supplementary authorizations provided by competent ministries or organization can often be submitted to the payment of a fee.