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4th Creative Party AZ Works


1901, 26, Centum 3-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea

Tel +82-70-5080-2706
About Us

4th Creative Party is a Korean VFX Studio, Animation and New Media Content company. We are credited for having the best technology in Korean market by creating CGI, VFX in more than 170 feature films such as , ,< The Tiger>, , ,< Stoker>, , and . We not only have created visual effects for the most successful Korean films, but also we are the creative partner for top-notch Korean directors including Park Chan-wook, Bong Joon-ho, and Choi Donghoon. We are now growing into global VFX studio, partnering with international directors and production companies including the U.S.A, Europe, and China. In addition to our award-winning visual effects work, we have rich experience as an animation studio. We co-produced TV series animation< ROBOT TRAINS> with CJ E&M, and we also produced CG for Japanese 3D Animation . We are currently working on our animated feature film and TV series. We are also a media production company proceeding New Media/ Theme Park content business in overseas market including China. 4th Creative Party is expanding business to a global content company with planning, producing, supplying, sourcing and distributing various content both in Korea and abroad.

  • VFX Studio
  • CGI Animation Studio
  • New media & Theme park Content Production