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Honolulu Film Office


530 South King Street, Suite 306, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA 96813

Tel 808-768-6100
About Us

Honolulu is the capitol of the state of Hawaii and is the hub of production for the islands. The Honolulu Film Office is the official government office for permits and production support and works closely with Hawaii International Film Association (HIFA) that assists international productions with visas, carne and the special and individualized needs that can accompany foreign productions coming to the island. The island is a production-friendly mix of parks, beaches, mountains, jungles, valleys as well as Big City, tropical resort and a variety of residential styles all within close proximity of each other. Hawaii’s architecture reflects the rich cultural diversity of the island allowing it to double for many locations. ABC’s global hit television series LOST, which depicted storylines that took place in settings as diverse at Iraq, Korea, Australia, New York and Iowa was shot almost entirely on the island of Oahu, showcasing its location diversity. All but 4 scenes in the entire 6 seasons of the series were filmed in the island. The Honolulu Film Office, established in 1993, is a part of the City and County of Honolulu’s Mayors Office and the Mayor’s economic development team. Partial credits: Features: (Jurassic World 1 and 2, Jumanji [2017[, Nail Clipper [China], 50 First Kisses remake for Japan market) Television (Inhumans, Hawaii Five-0, LOST) and broadcast specials for Fuji Television, Nippon TV, BSTV Asahi, KBS The Challenger and The Amazing Race for the Israeli market. Numerous commercials (Kirin, Shiseido, House Foods, Panasonic,)

Hawaii has a refundable rebate of 20% on your total Hawaii spend on Oahu and 25% on the Neighbor Island. The credit is administered by the Hawaii Film Office (the state film office). A number of local production services companies also offer tax rebate assistance for foreign productions.
  • Hawaii Film Office rebate program information:
  • Hawaii International Film Association (options for English, Korean and Japanese):