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Vladivostok Film Commission


Reidovaya st., 25-3, Vladivostok Russia

Tel +7-924-239-94-52, +7-905-558-22-48
Website F/book @VladFC
About Us

Vladivostok Film Commission was founded in 2003 as the first film commission in Russia. Vladivostok Film Commission is private company that was thought to be an organization specialized in supporting film industry in the Far East of Russia, attracting Russian and foreign filmmakers. But at the same time inevitably it has become a film production service company that provides full-scale services for film crews and companies planning to shoot in Vladivostok or elsewhere in Russia. The Vladivostok Film Commission having the 14 years of experience has hosted all the film productions made in Vladivostok, being the only private film production service company in the city. The city of Vladivostok - the unofficial capital of the Russian Far East and one of Russia’s most important commercial ports and naval bases. It is the biggest Russian port city at the East and the final stop of the Trans-Siberian. Vladivostok is the city in Asia with European look, located within 1 or 2 hours of flight from the neighboring countries in Asia. It is charming city, with a gorgeous hilly setting, striking architecture, numerous verdant islands and sandy bays along its Pacific coastline. The city is located around the Golden Horn Bay, over which now soars a massive suspension bridge, one of three built in recent years that have hugely improved the city’s infrastructure.

Film Commission Production Services
  • We offer a full pre-production and production services for filmmakers shooting in Vladivostok or at the Far East of Russia. (Film permits, Visas, Location Scout, Cast, Crew, Equipment, Transport, Administrative support, Production Team).
  • Provide film crews and equipment from Moscow, which might be a lack of locally.
  • Provide information, facilitate communication or can provide full services for filmmakers in pre-production, production and postproduction in Moscow, St.Petersburg and throughout Russia.
Film Commission Free Services
  • Providing all necessary information for filmmaking crews and companies planning to shoot in Vladivostok or at the Far East of Russia; Preparing locations database; Preliminary location scout, and preliminary cost estimates. Providing information or facilitate communication with film companies throughout Russia.