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Film Development Board - Nepal


GPO Box 4400, Saraswotinagar, Chabahil, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel +977-1-482-2860
About Us

The Film Development Board (FDB) was established by the Government of Nepal for the development and promotion of the Nepali Film Industry on June 30, 2000. FDB has been continuously working towards creating a supportive environment for the development of Nepali Film Industry and promoting different aspects of film production in Nepal. At the same time, it has also been working to promote films in the international market. It also attempts to bridge the gap between film entrepreneurship and government bureaucracy. Filming in Nepal Blessed with serene natural beauty, guarded with the mighty Himalayas, people still rooted to culture that dates back to times immemorial but at the same time equipped with the modern days, advancements, every other reason makes Nepal one of the best destinations for filming. Filming in Nepal can be an awesome experience, and it doesn’t take much to get permission from the concerned authorities to shoot in Nepal if one is well acquainted with the basic rules and regulations of the same.

Filming Equipment Import Support
  • Eligibility: Filmmaker should obtain 'Film Permit' from Ministry of Information and Communications
  • Support: The filmmaker should contact the Film Development Board, Nepal about the crew bringing in filming equipments for film production and goods which are to be used for filming purpose or as a sample. The Film Development Board, Nepal supports to import these equipments for ‘temporary basis’ for filming purpose by recommending to the concerned Customs Office.

※ The recommendation letter will be provided to filmmaker only after getting 'filming permit'.
※ FDB will update to filmmakers, if any other incentives, support or facilities provided through its official website.