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Cheongpung Film Commission


242 Uirim-daero, Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea 27152

Tel +82-43-645-4995
About Us

The Cheongpung Film Commission is located in Jecheon City. Jecheon City is located in the center of Korea. Jecheon City boasts of outstanding natural scenery in the backdrop of Cheongpung Lake. In addition, the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival is held every summer and is rapidly emerging as a video city.

Shooting Support
  • Eligibility: Domestic / Overseas films and TV dramas planning to shoot for more than 3 days in Jecheon
  • Support: In kind support for expenditure on Jecheon shooting
    (Accommodation, Food, Fuel expenses, etc.)

※ The acceptance will be decided according to the result of review
※ The Amount of support is subject to change
※ KOFIC(Korean Film Council) : Up to 25% Cash Rebate