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Jeju Film Commission


82 Sinsan-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea 63270

Tel +82-64-727-7800~2
About Us
Jeju is famously known as the "Island of Peace" and "Island of Mystery". It boasts natural beauty with a long history and unique culture, along with beautiful seasonal landscapes. It is also favored by many film directors from home and abroad, because of its excellent natural open set. Its geographical location, as a key transfer point of Northeast Asia, gives Jeju a role acting as a bridge between Southeastern Asian countries as well as China and Japan. In addition, Mt.Halla, Geomun Oreum and Seongsan Sunrise Peak in Jeju Island have been inscribed as World Natural heritages by UNESCO’

Location highlights
  • Magnificent scenery over the entire island which originated from volcanic eruption
  • Over 360 mountains, hills and beautiful beaches
  • Grassland, meadows, and well organized roads
Incentive programs open to international productions
  • Cash rebates for up to 25% will be offered for local expenses, providing up to 50 million KRW (approx. 50K USD) for feature films and TV dramas, Documentary which shoot for more than 5days in Jeju.
  • In kind support of accommodation up to 16 days for film development and script writing.

Location Scouting Supportt
  • Sites for an open set available with rental fee incentive
  • Casting capabilities

※ KOFIC(Korean Film Council) : Up to 25% Cash Rebate