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Seoul Film Commission


DMC Hi-Tech Industry Center 1F, #114 (Block C), 1580 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 121-912 Korea

Tel +82-2-777-7184
About Us
Seoul is not only Korea’s chief administrative, economic, educational and cultural center, but also the hub of Korea’s film industry; an industry that ranked 7th in the world in terms of gross box office sales, 5th in terms of admissions, and 5th in terms of feature film productions from 2012 to 2016. The Seoul Metropolitan Region, comprised of the cities of Seoul and Incheon and the province of Gyeonggi, is home to 95% of Korea’s film related companies and facilities. Over 40% of all local movies are shot here each year. The rise of the Korean Wave has been influencing international casting and location choices. Seoul Film Commission is a one-stop shop for national and international film and TV productions. Since its foundation in 2002, we have provided support to more than 2,000 productions, including features, shorts, documentaries, commercials, TV dramas and more, ensuring a film friendly environment.
Production Cost Support

Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Film Commission provide up to a 25% cash rebate for international or internationally coproduced films and TV productions shot in Seoul. The cap for each project is KRW 100,000,000 (approx. US$ 90,000) but for projects with an extraordinarily high marketing value, the cab can be lifted.

Location Scouting Support

Location Scouting Support provides the cost of Seoul location scouting for directors, producers, cinematographers, production designers, or location managers of international projects planning to shoot in Seoul. This support includes: round-trip airline tickets for two people, accommodations support, a domestic location coordinator and a rental car.

Screenplay Development Support

Seoul Screenplay Development Support offers round trip flight tickets for two, the use of a scenario work space located in Seoul for a maximum of 30 days to foreign directors, producers, and screenwriters during their stay in Seoul as they write and do research for their scenarios.

※ KOFIC(Korean Film Council) : Up to 25% Cash Rebate