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Himeji Film Commission


68 Honmachi, Himeji, Japan 670-0012

Tel +81-79-287-3653
About Us
Our city Himeji, located on the west of Japan, is a middle sized city with a population of half a million, and it is close to our old capital Kyoto, the commercial center Osaka, and the internationally known city of Kobe. Himeji is also rich in historical resources ? not only the famous world heritage site, Himeji Castle. Rich in traditional, holy shrines and temples, Himeji has an enchanting atmosphere.
Besides historically important architecture, you can see such sights as hills which change their colors seasonally, mountains with big coniferous trees, rice fields, and the calm inland sea ‘Seto-naikai’.
Quite a few famous movies were shot on location in Himeji; The Hollywood movie ‘You Only Live Twice’ starring Shown Connelly, the Akira Kurosawa movies ‘Kagemusha’ and ‘Ran’ are just on a part of the list. Another was “The Last Samurai” featuring Tom Cruise. Himeji offers reasonable and attractive conditions for film shooting with experienced staff and friendly cooperative local people.
  • Consultation on all aspects of locations.
  • Providing appropriate location information.
  • Supporting procedures from the location ? hunting phase including applying for road/facility usage permits.
  • Referrals for accommodations, food/beverage, security and volunteers.
  • Recruiting extras.
  • Encompassing a wide range of areas including neighboring cities.