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Oita City Location Office


2-31 Niage-machi, Oita City, Japan 870-8504

Tel +81-975377043
About Us
Oita city is located in eastern Kyusyu, its port serving as a center for the distribution of goods to Asia and the rest of the world. Oita is truly an energetic and global city, with airway connections across Japan, established air routes to Korea, and acting as the ocean gateway to Shikoku. Oita itself is an ideal location, where trees and rivers can be seen everywhere in the city, and short 10km drive will take you straight into the mountains and countryside.
  • Research and Introduction of film location
  • Guided tours of the city for location hunting and
  • Scenario scouting
  • Arrangement for Permission for Filming Use
  • Introduction of Filming Related Agencies
  • Recruiting extras
  • Contact and coordination with related companies and other cities