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Kobe Film Office


6-9-1 Minatojima Nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Japan 650-0046

Tel +81-78-303-2021
About Us

Kobe Film Office is one of the oldest and largest film commissions in Japan, having supported over 380 films and TV dramas since September, 2000. With a population of 1.5 million, Kobe offers a wide variety of locations for shooting, from hot springs and sake breweries to skyscrapers and 10 milliondollar night views.
With a history of 150 years as an international port city, Kobe is also known for its versatile ‘looks’ (European & Japanese)’ and ‘food’ (Kobe Beef, Confectionary, Asian cuisine, etc.). This blend of culture makes Kobe a very unique city.
Only an hour from Osaka (Kansai) Airport, it is easy to access Kobe from anywhere. Should you need to travel within Japan, Kobe Airport is available for domestic flights, and the Shinkansen (bullet train), of course, makes it possible to travel throughout Japan within hours.

  • Obtaining permits for shooting at government and public facilities, such as streets, parks, etc.
  • Providing information and negotiating with private facilities for shooting.
  • Providing assistance in location scouting.
  • Providing information and assistance in getting discounts for hotels, car & equipment rentals, as well as finding production service companies for shooting in Kobe.
  • Providing assistance in finding volunteer extras for shooting.
A part of expenses needed for location scouting (e.g., airfare & hotel) will be covered by the fund to those interested in shooting a commercial film or a TV drama in Kobe. Please contact us to find out the qualifications.