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Overseas Promotion

Promoting the brand of AFCNet / Remote or on-site promotion on AFCNet booth at key markets such as Hong Kong Filmart, LINK OF CINE-ASIA, American Film Market, AFCI Locations Show, etc

ASEAN-ROK Film Leaders Incubator(FLY)

Launched in 2012, FLY is an annual ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Project funded by ASEAN-ROK Cooperation Fund. Regularly organized by the Busan Film Commission(BFC) and the Asian Film Commissions Network (AFCNet), film industry supporting agencies in ASEAN member nations take turns each year to co-organize the event in their region. * Davao, the Philippines(2012), Hua Hin, Thailand(2013), Yangon, Myanmar(2014), JohoreBahru, Malaysia(2015), Phnom Penh, Cambodia(2016), Yogyakarta, Indonesia(2017), Singapore(2018)


With combined experience and know-how from hosting BIFCOM and the Asian Film Policy Forum, Busan Film Commission launched 'LINK OF CINE-ASIA(Asian Film Forum & Business Showcase) in 2016 as a global event. It is presenting Asian Film Forum & Business Showcase, which has held every October since 2016. In 2017, LINK OF CINE-ASIA set a record of 1055 participants and 485 deals in BIZ Matching from 23 countries, and it gradually grows every year. AFCNet General Assembly and AFCNet Global Networking Party also take place during the LINK OF CINE-ASIA.

AFCNet Newsletter

As the global interest to Asian film industry is rapidly growing day by day, it is becoming more essential than ever to keep our eyes on the latest industry news of the Asian region. In this regard, AFCNet publishes AFCNet monthly Newsletter and Location Scope to play a pivotal role as an information sharer.

AFCNet Events

- AFCNet General Assembly (every October)
- AFCNet Board Meeting (2-3 per year)
- AFCNet Networking Hour (every October)
- AFCNet Producer of the Year Award Ceremony (every October)